The magic of water

interactive water games, magical productions and custom concepts

Project Leophard

Water can speak, grunt, laugh, it can fall silently, flow upwards, create patterns, organize itself, awaken things or juggle balls!

Project LEOPHARD is developing interactive water games, hands ons, animatable sculptures and magical productions from the findings and inventions of internationally renowned water artist Gerhard Zsambok (

All exhibits are site-specific individual productions.

For the conception and implementations of cultural projects on the topic of water, a professional team of specialists is available which can work internationally.

Our water transports content.

Whether visitor center,industrial museum or water-wonder-world:

We develop according to on-site conditions, its history and surroundings.

We create places of wonder, of discovery and joy

  • interactive water games

    All exhibits are site-specific individual productions.

  • magical productions

    Water productions for municipalities, cities, or institutions.

  • Konzepte

    custom concepts

    Intensive analysis of the interests and needs of the client.

  • Rental

    Rentals with personal supervision.

Projekt Leophard