Leopold Gerhard Hydrian

The story of the fictional water researcher Leopold Gerhard Hydrian contains numerous interfaces between historical facts of the region "Eisenstraße" and to current discussions on the topic of water.
Hydrians story has been partially realized in the water wonder world St.Gallen.
The project was planned to play with the limits between fiction and reality, for example by press releases:

Fluid Art - escaped from oblivion

"The small town of St.Gallen, located in the "Eisenwurzen" in Styria, Austria, made a sensational discovery: During excavation works at the water park, workers accidentally discovered and old spilled vault, within this vault, strange discoveries were made, devices of unknown origin. Later after some time it became clear that these were the works of a long forgotten researcher named Leopold Gerhard Hydrian.
Manuscripts were found which allowed the discoverers to piece together what exactly was researched in this hidden vault.
The scholar Dr. Hydrian used this vault as a research facility in the beginning of the last century.
It is believed that the name "Hydrian" was a pseudonym, but not much else is known about this reclusive man, seemingly having dedicated his whole life to his work.
Hydrians devices, as was found out, were built to discover the hidden attributes of water, not much else is known about them as researches were beginning to give up on finding out what exactly these device were able to do.
Water explorer and artist's Gerhad Zsambok dedicated restoration work made it possible, that today for the first time, these devices are available to the public, together with the whole body of work of this enigmatic personality."

The existence of the scholar is confirmed by "historical" photos:

Hydrians laboratory
Leopold Gerhard Hydrian
Only available photograph of Dr. Hydrian

Hydrian dictated his research to the "Water Reader".
A specially invented device which makes it possible to story voice prints in water.
When activated, a probe glides over a water basin with engraved letters on its bottom, a funnel makes these letter audible.

Water Reader
Water Lamp

Press release for the House of Hydrian:

"In the house of the water researcher, mystery unfolds: The Silent Water , The Aqua Yo Yo, The Guardian of the Moment or The Water Kaleidoscope take you to another world.
In this guide you will get an insight into amazing and scientific phenomena of the water.