1000 years of the "Eisenstrasse" (Iron Street)

Announcemnt of an artist competition.

The muncipaly Ybbsitz in Lower Austria decided to announce for an artist competition, on occasion of the millenium 1000 years of the "Eisenstrasse" (Iron Street), for a sculpture on the main street .

Projekt LEOPHARD contribution was developed on the basis of a finding in a old forge, the iron head of a hammer.

This hammer head was heated and quenched over and over again for decades, fissuring the material, ripping "streets" into the hammer head, a fitting analogy to the name "Eisenstrasse" which literally means the iron street.

Iron Street Machine

The Iron Street Machine:
Makes it possible to experience the history of the iron hammer head in a short period of time. An iron plate is heated repeatedly and dipped into a water basin, fissuring the metal. This powerful water effect is happening live in front of the audience.

Hammer Head

The Hammer Head:
A 4 metre tall sculpture which glows at night, depicting the fissured hammer head.