Regionale "Bergisches Land" Germany

At the beginning of this century, the cities Remscheid, Solingen and Wuppertal united themselves for a grand project to renew areas of economics, infrastructure, tourism and culture.
In the course of this project of renewal, a 22 km long trail, next to the "Eschbach" river, should have been made more attractive for tourism.

The proposal of Project LEOPHARD, which included to enrich the trail with interactive installations, which tell the history of the region, was awarded with a price.

rain faces

Rain Faces:
Everyone speaks about water
Schematic physiognomies from sheet metal, with movable jaws, which open themselves periodically and speak "Water". Supplied by a gutter.

rain machine

Rain People:
Like tumblers but lifesized.
When their vessels and bowls are full, they are tilting in all directions and "donate" their water to the soil. Supplied by a gutter.

rain sound machine

Rain Sound Machine:
An Instrument which randomly generates sound by rain.

air diver

Air Diver:
A water effect on the topic of a sewage treatment plant.
It is not possible to swim in air bubbled water, as soon as the air in the water reaches a certain threshold, the "diver" drowns.

Symbolic sewage treatment plant

Symbolic sewage treatment plant:
Water sculpture for the local sewage treatment plant, water runs through numerous treatment circles.
Water is passed over in a row of movable blades, symbolising the cleaning process, and at the end donated to a plant.

water cinema

Water cinema on the dam:
Sunlight is directed by mirrors onto a water surface and projected onto a dam.


Flow Harp:
Fast flowing water is moving strings creating sound, a not commonly known water effect.

Rainbow Machine

Rainbow Machine:
With a pump and a disperser, a rainbow is created.

Sea Snake

Water snake in the congestion pond
Splashing from the mouth and erecting itself, controlled form the shore, an interactive water game.