Industrial Museum Sensenhammer

"Water, fire, human" a multimedia production in a histrical scythe forge

Water once was the lifline of this factory, it's existence was fundamental for human and machine.

A short time ago, the internal power plant was shut down forever.
Finally, water and humans are free from obligations and are allowed to express themselves - this moment is marked by water art.

Water Veins are wirthing themselves over heavy forge hammers, which are transforming glowing iron, a Yin Yang Machine is standing next to an "Air Hammer" , both being similar on an anatomical level, tinny Grimaces breaking through tubes, telling stories of captivity and wasted water, a movie is playing in which the workers are telling stories from the past when the factory was still open, in the hardening room a Silent Waterjet is piercing a stone plate, it is possible to paint a green landscape by pouring water over a frosted glas plate.

On the outside, in the storage pond, The Water Cinema is despicting every leaf and breath of wind.


Mass and elegance:
tail hammer with water effect

Water Projection

Hardening Room:
flowing water is projected into a tinny river landscape


Drawing with water:
in the forging room, a landscape is drawn with water


The silent water jet:
from the once water driven transmission, falls a silent water jet