Water World on the Viennna Danube Canal

The glass pavillon by architect Podrecca on the quay wall of the Viennna Danube Canal hosted a water experience world from 1999 until 2002 with 6 exhibts exclusively from Project LEOPHARD.

The heavily visited exhibition was opened for school classes and walkers and was visited by thousands of children.
In this production water wasn't the medium but the subject.
In workshops, children and adults could equaly experience the properties of this element in a playful way.

press text

“In the Aquascope you will experience water as an artist, on which performance you will have a direct input. A higly sensitive creature at your conveinience."

Objects: Manual Pantograph, Aqua Mystica, Water Veins. Aquabryll, Aqua Wah Wah, Aqua Yo-Yo