Bank of Krems

In the name of Water

The city of Krems was founded next to a waterway which was fundamental to it's development for a long period of time.
The old city limits were directly located at the shore of the danube, for that reason the city of Krems used this stream as a trade route.
There always was a connection between the prosperity of the city and water, this connection is alluded to by water art.

Originally the logo of the bank of krems, the classic logo of the "Sparkassen Group", displays a coin above an "S", this coins is dynamized by water, representing the historic interconnection between prosperity and water.
This red coin becomes a constant throughout all objects, moved by water in different ways.

The jumping Dot

Dynamisation of a bank logo: the red dot becomes a ball which is balancing on a water jet.

Water helix

Stone well with a diameter of 4 metres, for the garden of the Bank of Krems.

Water is streaming from an intake pipe in the centre of the installation. This stream is inducing a tumbling motion in a berg crystal ball sitting at the top of the pipe, thus creating helix formed waves which spread themselves over the granite surface.

Water Veins

In the water veins, water shows it's muscles and skin.
The "skin" of water is its surface tension - strong enough to carry insects.
The "muscles" are created by the flow; flowing water is powerful in it's will to wreathe and bend itself, evident in it's natural form in rivers and rivulets.

Objects: Water Helix, Water Veins, Yin Yang Machine