Pankratium Gmünd

House of wonders in Gmünd

On occation of the Carinthian Provincial Exhibition "Kärnten. Wasser. Reich.“, a former hospital and nursing home was converted to a Water Wonder World: "The Pankratium".

Behind every door to the former wards, a physical wonder is found.
Project LEOPHARD developed 4 installations for the much visited and acclaimed exhibition, et al:
The Ui-Ui-Bird a mythical creature which sits in a showcase, drinks from a water source and makes gymnastics.

press release:

"The world became quite loud and that's why quite voices tend to be overheard! Not in our house of wonders: Those who wonder tend to stop and observe, who wonders opens his eyes and ears and mouth. Openness leads to curiosity and receptivity"

pankratium video

Objects:Ui-Ui-Bird, Swaying Plants, Aqua Yo-Yo, Pantograph