Water Wonder World Krimml

Water world next to the waterfalls of Krimml

Right next to the world famous water falls of Krimml, a visitor centre was built with an outdoor and indoor area, which is solely dedicated to the topic of water.

Information about the biggest waterfall in Europe is combined with interactive exhibits, which provide the opportunity to experience water and it's abilities and attributes.

Project LEOPHARD was pivotal in the creation of this water wonder world with 9 distinctive installations.

from the information brochure:

"Water is our lifeline, which possesses sensational abilities. Water can create wonders and water can display these wonders.
In the Water Wonder World of Krimml you can experience the amazing,the unique, and the never seen before.
Let yourself be surprised by this wondrous world opened up to us by water, and discover what every drop of water contains.“

krimml video

Objects:Aqua Mystica, Water Veins. Aquabryll, Aqua Yo-Yo,Spray Ball, Water Snake, Water Cinema, Aquatist